Planning a mural for a child’s room can be tricky. They’re a financial investment just like any other space and you want it to last. That can be tricky when your child’s interests can change as they grow and develop their own sense of style. You want it to be fun and inviting and something your child can enjoy and not grow out of too quickly. We can help you discover what would work best for your child’s space.

In most cases you will notice that if the mural involves animals, we will paint them in a realistic style but keep them friendly. The helps when trying to make the mural age appropriate of a span of many years. We also like to include personal touches like the child’s name as shown on the spaceman suite and the pre-teen fashion wall or loved pets. If possible we discourage the painting of superhero’s, movie or cartoon characters that come and go in popularity and become dated rather quickly but even those can be painted in such away making it cost effective to paint for a short period of time and then paint over when the child gets board with them. A child’s room should be one of their favorite spaces in their home. Let us help you create that special experience for them.

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