Murals can be a wonderful addition to your commercial establishment or office space. They can provide warmth or excitement by creating an ambiance that is inviting to your clientele and draws them to your business. It can be as simple as hand painting an enlarged image of a company logo and signage demonstrating your services or as elaborate as a piece of fine art depicting a visual representative of your company or it’s services. In any case, it demonstrates to your client and staff that you invest in quality and have high standards that is reflected in how you conduct business.

In our photo gallery you’ll see a wide range of examples of different styles of murals. One of our more prominent murals is located in a Barnes & Noble flagship store depicting several attractions around the Houston area. What’s unique about this mural is that a painting was produced of the custom designed image to scale, then scanned and transferred to vinyl wallpaper for ease of installation and structural maintenance. Some of the other murals simply reflect the personality of the client or business such as the investment banker in “A Chicken’s Eye View” and the two restaurants owned by Rouxpour. Whatever your interest may be we can work with you and help you develop an image that works for you.

Auto Dealership Barnes & Noble Bookstore Bliss Nail Spa Corporation Lakeshore Villas Appartments New Orleans Mural, Rouxpour Restaurant Center Detail Left side close up Right side close up Right side close up