Many homes today are designed and built with ceiling accent areas like domes and recessed ceilings with fur downs framed in an architectural trim or molding. These areas can add a lot of personality to your home when the areas often go unnoticed when painted a standard ceiling white.  As you will see in our photo gallery, there are many different ways you can draw attention to these areas by simply adding a decorative finish, either by itself or in combination with a decorative painted pattern, stencil, or even a mural.

Faux Finishing, Faux Painting, Decorative Finish or Decorative Painting are all terms generally used to describe a custom painted finish.  Faux Finishing or Faux Painting are more accurately used to describe hand painted patterns with a variety of products ranging from tinted glazes, plasters or other mediums to create a pleasing overall pattern to the surface area.

Decorative Painting on the other hand refers more to painting a decorative pattern or motif to a paintable surface, painting an area in such a way that it draws attention to it.  By combining the two, a faux finish and a decorative pattern, you can create beautiful patterns and designs to accent any space or area of interest.  Let us help you discover what would look best for your space. We design everything to the tastes of our clients.

Two Story Entry Ceiling Aluminum leaf gilded ceiling with gold overglaze Ceiling glazed w_ decorative painting Decorative pattern w_aluminum leaf accents Hand painted ceiling with soft faux finished background Mariners Star Pewter glazed ceiling Spanish style dining room ceiling Theater Room Ceiling Two story entry dome.  Metallic background w_decorative bronze pattern. Venetian Plaster Venetian Plaster Venetian Plaster