When you want that special look that only a hand-applied, one of a kind painted finish can give you, we can turn your residential or commercial space into an intimate showcase, creating the perfect backdrop for any and all works of art or furniture. Karen Dollahon, having an associates degree in Interior Design, will assist you in choosing just the right colors and techniques, providing samples and overseeing all aspects of the job from start to finish. We do all of the work ourselves guaranteeing the superior quality of our work using only the best materials in the business. In addition to various glazing techniques and textured surfaces and plasters, we also offer an array of stenciled patterns, both predesigned and custom cut to meet your design needs.

Some of these terms and products used to describe painted wall finishes might be confusing to you.  Faux Finishing or Faux Painting is a common term you will often hear to describe hand painted wall finishes and textures.  A glaze is simply a transparent tintable medium designed to dry slowly in order to manipulate into different designs and patterns.  By using different tools to manipulate the products, whether it be a glaze, plaster or other medium of choice, you can achieve an endless variety of patterns and textures to achieve the effect you’re looking for.  Some tools often used consist of sponges, cotton rags, terri rags, burlap, paper, or a variety of brushes and combs.  All of which, in one form or another, we have used to achieve lovely wall finishes for our clients.

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